Thanks to the internet, car dealerships can now bring the dealership experience to you. Here are just a few of the ways shopping for your next car at the White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge website can save you time and money.


The Entire Dealership Inventory at Your Fingertips

One excellent way to ensure that you get the best car for your needs is to research the available vehicles at the car dealership. Here at White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge, you can view our entire inventory online. These are a few of the benefits of looking at cars online before going to the dealership.

  • First, our website is full of vibrant photos of all of our cars. These photos cover the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The images also let you view the features you find most important, like the infotainment system, tires, and rim size.

  • Also, our dealership website covers all the useful information you need to know about a car. This includes the vehicle's overall price and all the features that come with the car. The pages also have helpful information covering the current mileage of the vehicle, MPG rating, and any information on the warranty.

  • Finally, if you find a car you like, you can reserve the vehicle for a test drive directly on the site. 


Make an Appointment Online 


Another way to save time by shopping for your car online is by making an appointment with a sales associate.

  • Making an appointment online allows you to take control of the time you spend at the dealership. When you arrive at the dealership, you can walk straight to a sales associate and avoid any wait times.

  • In addition, making an appointment online gives the sales associate time to prep the vehicles you want to see. 

  • Before purchasing a car, you must first fill out and sign several financial documents. When you make your appointment online, both a salesperson and business office associate will be able to gather all the necessary paperwork and have it ready for you to look over when you arrive. 


They can let you know if you need to bring any financial or personal documents before you drive over to the dealership.


Get the Finances Out of the Way


Dealing with the financial process of purchasing a car can take some time. If you would rather spend that time on your couch in your living room bingeing on your favorite show, the White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge website can make that happen. 

  • Having your application pre-approved on the website will save you a significant amount of time at the dealership. The pre-approval process will run your application and let you know if you qualify for a car loan. It will also tell you the amount of money you are eligible for, and what interest rate you will be charged.

  • The White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge website is full of useful financial tools to help you make the best decision for your future. These features include a payment calculator that allows you to play around with different costs and interest rates to understand your budget better before heading to the dealership. 

  • If you are looking for help purchasing your new vehicle, we also give you the opportunity to apply for the DrivePlus Mastercard. You can apply for this credit card directly with the sales associate. The DrivePlus Mastercard will help you pay for your new car while offering you 5% cash back on all purchases at the dealership.


Get your Car’s Value While Doing the Laundry 


To get better monthly payments, you will need to put a down payment towards your car loan. The best way to do this is by selling your old car to the dealership.


Here at White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we have partnered with Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book uses metrics like depreciation values and local markets to determine the value of your car. Getting your value online will give you the confidence you need to get your car appraised at the dealership and purchase your new vehicle.



Keep Up to Date on All the Specials and Sales Happening in White Plains, New York 

Car dealerships run dozens of specials and sales throughout the year. These sales can save you thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. 

Here at White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we keep all the information on current and upcoming specials on our website.

If you are going to rely on sales events at car dealerships to purchase your next car, you need to stay informed about all the dates, requirements, and restrictions. 

Knowing all this information beforehand will save you time. You will know when you need to go to the dealership to enjoy the best savings.

If you are interested in purchasing a new car, check out our inventory on the White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge website today. 

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