Meet The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee


There are SUVs, and then there are stellar, superstar, overachieving, no-holes-barred SUVs. The Jeep Grand Cherokee falls into the latter category. In the game of Grand Cherokee, the name is options. Let us make it more plain. The Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup consists of some of the most capable, well-equipped, luxurious, rugged, stylish SUVs on the new-car market today. Where other SUVs shine, the Grand Cherokee just seems to shine brighter, giving new midsize SUV shoppers more choice, more freedom, and more value. Do we have your attention yet? Good. Let's get down to business. Here are the available models within the Grand Cherokee lineup:

  • Laredo
  • Laredo E
  • Altitude
  • Limited
  • Trailhawk®
  • Sterling Edition
  • Overland
  • High Altitude
  • Summit
  • SRT
  • Trackhawk


Each Jeep Grand Cherokee model offers its own blend of performance, price, and features. But we want to call to attention the brand new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, in particular. This new Jeep SUV model boasts a 707 horsepower supercharged V8 engine mated to an also new 8-speed automatic transmission. With ample space for up to five adult passengers, offroad capability, and stunningly sporting good looks both inside and out, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk sets the bar very high. You know what's comparatively low, though, as compared to the competition - vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne, for instance? The price. So if you're looking for an ultra-high-performance SUV, the Trackhawk can't be beat - literally and figuratively!

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The Trackhawk is the shining all-star among many superstar Grand Cherokee SUVs. Even the Laredo is well-equipped at its base price of just over $30,000, though. To find out more about each new 2018 Grand Cherokee model, visit or contact us here at White Plains Chrysler Jeep Dodge today!

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